Saturday, July 21, 2007

TdF KAL - my project

I did socks as my project to and from London and Prague. I really don't enjoy knitting socks the way I do sweaters. I generally design my own sweaters and love the creativity of putting together different yarns and textures. But socks are the ultimate travel project - I don't use double pointed needles - I have tiny addi's so I can knit both the cuff and sock body in the round. For the toe and heels I use 2 circulars (I have 2 of the size 2 12" addis and one size 1 12")

I am knitting a jacket which is a rather strange design. It comes from last winter's Vogue. I know, I know, I just said I design my own, but this is a sort of knit-for-hire so I'm doing what they want. As I may have mentioned, the fronts of the jacket are knitted with part using double yarn and part using single with different sized needles. So halfway through each row you either pick up or drop a yarn and change needles and leave one needle dangling. I have finished both sleeves, one front, and am halfway through the second front. I expect to be able to finish the whole thing well before the end of the TdF. Unless I get sidetracked by heat since the yarn is so heavy and wool. I mostly knit in the car on my hour-long commute to work (my husband drives) and so I can always turn up the air conditioning.

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