Thursday, July 5, 2007


OK - we're leaving for London tomorrow and I have packed my knitting - my typical plane knitting: a funky pair of socks.

So what's funky about them? Well, I use different yarns for the foot than the cuff. It started with my LYS sale bin which my husband got into not realizing that you needed 2 50gm balls for a pair but now I really sort of like them that way.

The foot on these will be Socka. It may be patterned or it may just be color blops. I'll find out once I get started. The cuffs are Fortissima Colori Socka Color in similar colors (white, blues, grays, black) but it has some glitz in it. Pure funk.

I'll do a simple toe-up sock on very short circular Addi's as soon as it's wide enough.

And then if I finish them I can always buy some yarn in London or Prague. Anyone have any suggestions in Prague? It's my first time there.

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