Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I have a confession to make: I couldn't wait to start my tres chic jacket so I started working on it the other day. I've finished one front and most of a sleeve. I think I'll have to pick another project. I was planning to knit socks on the plane to and from Europe but since I'll want to knit while watching the TdF I think I'll have to bring enough yarn for 2 pairs or better yet, have an excuse to BUY YARN while I'm in London. Too bad I'm supposed to be working for part of the time but luckily NOT for the weekend when the TdF will be going on in London.


Meg said...

ooh, I think you should go right ahead and take yourself yarn shopping in London! Liberty anyone?

Elaine said...

You're right, I think I will! Suggestions for great shops? I'm into natural fibers and great colors. I once drove to nowhere Wales to go to Colinette (before it was available in the US)