Friday, July 20, 2007


Now that I'm back in the US, I can do more knitting but it's much tougher to see any of the TdF. At best there is a snippet on the nightly news. Thanks so much to the great descriptions on the KAL!


Cecile said...

Welcome home! How did you like Prague?

I have never thought of making a third sock. It does make sense sort of. I think I have enough left over to do a third one to match the last pair I finished. I'll consider it.

Elaine said...

Prague was very interesting - lots of wonderful architecture of so many different periods. We did tons of walking to see the sights. We had planned to go in 2002 but they had record floods the day we were to arrive and you could not fly in (and our hotel had washed away). We wound up being diverted to Budapest on that trip which is another fascinating city. The Danube flooded just a bit in Budapest, but only the street cars along the river were under water the day it crested (when we arrived). Unfortunately there was record heat while we were in Prague (37 degrees) which made it somewhat draining. Still we had a really nice time.

As for the third sock idea, it was prompted by my having finished the second by the time I was ready to fly home. Given a 2 hour flight from Prague to London, a 5 hour layover in Heathrow, and then a 7 hour flight home with no knitting, I looked at what I had and decided to go for it. But I think I may start doing that for any socks that I have enough yarn for. It really does make sense to me.